Almost finished with my Artemis jacket.

Whipped up a T-shirt using a pattern from Ottobre today; closer to the fit I was looking for, going to revisit the color blocked T-shirt soon.

Ever since seeing a “kimono inspired” jacket of Queer Eye, I’ve been wanting to make one. Realized the @iam_patterns Artemis is pretty much that, so it’s up next.

Making progress on this Negroni shirt. Looks like it could have both the best and worst felled seams I’ve ever made.

Back to sewing this weekend. I’ve been thinking about this color blocked T-shirt for a while, finally attempted to whip it up. It was a good opportunity to practice using the serger and coverstitch machine, but the fit isn’t what I had in mind. Back to the drawing board.

My maternal grandmother sewed as long as I can remember. I remember her button box as a kid, and still have the knotted leopard print blanket she made me. So the fact that I have her sewing table means a lot to me. When I inherited it, there were random bobbins, needles, and notes in the single tiny drawer. I’ve held onto them through numerous moves, and last night I finally put them into a shadow box, along with the remains of Frog, which grandma made for me years ago.

It’s been a second since I posted. Making has been paused while we were house hunting and moving. But as of yesterday I have a dedicated sewing room/studio, complete with movable work table. More details to come, but I’m so so so excited about this.

Coming soon: Mapplethorpe cardigan realness.

Back home with this bounty of treasures from our vacation.

Vintage buttons from Paris. A little bummed the button store in Amsterdam, De Knopenwinkel, won’t be open tomorrow, but I think I’ll survive.