Sewcialists are kicking off their menswear for all theme month. Looking forward to seeing what everyone makes, and to trying to stretch myself.

A little light reading. The used bookstore has been good to me.

Up next: Jalie 2451 insulated vest. Yes, I seem to be on a bit of an outerwear kick.

It wasn’t all easy going on the cardigan. When I went to see the side and sleeve seams I accidentally sewed the back and opposite sleeves together, as well as the front. It was… not human shaped. Oops.

My latest make: cardigan from @threadtheorydesigns in a lovely sweater knit from @stonemountainfabric.

Stopped by Stonemountain & Daughter today, found a couple project-sized remnants. A16D575C-2921-4E54-B9A2-128DCFD5FB64.jpg

When your sister visits and says she’s been thinking about a jean jacket with sweatshirt sleeves, the correct response is “let’s make it!” 0A8B72D8-C7D3-4FE6-B9AA-2D976A5FD90F.jpg BD332F93-2E2C-46E3-90DB-F2FEAA9227DD.jpg DDC08526-9716-41A0-867B-0E9B17BEF6DE.jpg